The Perfect Gift, a Christmas Bonus

In recent years the Christmas Bonus has been a species in decline. Once an American staple, it went out of favor for a couple of reasons.

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The Dangerous Power of Pay

One aspect of compensation that has always fascinated me is the psychology of motivating people to do what you want. People are motivated by a lot of different things and there's a lot of literature around that. However, the common belief is that money…

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Callidus Introduces SPM Community: OpenCommissions

Callidus Software announced the launch of OpenCommissions a community sales performance management (SPM) website today with this press release. Featured are SPM related forums, a wiki, blogs, and even sales compensation management Excel and Word…

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Compensation Management is not for Sissies

Any of us who have had the pleasure of being responsible for compensation management can relate to some of the recent events at AIG, albeit on a smaller and hopefully less dramatic scale. If you're not up to speed, this article will give you the scenario.

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SaaS Pricing for Callidus On-Premise Solution

In addition to the financial results Callidus Software's Q1 2009 earnings call last week (transcript available here) had much other interesting information including mention of some new customers, new products, and employee headcount reduction. One item…

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Living by Numbers in SPM

An article in the July 2009 issue of Wired magazine describes the growing popularity of a running training aid system from Nike. The system, called Nike+ (wiki page here) consists of an electronic sensor that attaches to a runner's shoe; the sensor…

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EIM Solutions Resist Commoditization with Supplementary Features

What are the standard features of an enterprise incentive management (EIM) software package?

David Kelly discusses this difficult question in an insightful recent post on his blog. Kelly points out the ambiguity of the EIM solution relative to the…

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Recession Coming to a Close

Going into the weekend, I wanted to share some bright news I noticed this week. Evidently a team of leading economists from the National Association of Business Economists (NABE) have predicted an end of the recession to come in 2009. Yes, that's this…

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Coaching with MBOs during Periods of Revenue Decline

In industries particularly hard hit by the struggling economy, even the best sales representatives may appear to be under performing based on the most important sales objective, the sales revenue target. How do you know if sales personnel are doing their…

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#5: You Put Lipstick on a Pig

5 of 5: Top 5 Mistakes Collecting SPM / EIM Project Requirements

You shied away from real improvement opportunities by falling back into the old way of doing things. It's nice to upgrade parts of your system so they perform better, but if you don't…

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