Making Field Sellers Productive - Even When They are out of the Field

Making Field Sellers Productive - Even When They are out of the Field

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Author: John Bachman and Rick Roberts

There are times when your field sales team is unable to be in the field. Whatever the reason, the team being out of the field should not mean they’re on the bench. Sales can still be closed, lead generation efforts should not slow down, and current deals in the pipeline cannot be left idle.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or the current COVID-19 pandemic, a sales organization must quickly and effectively reorganize in order to align with the new realities and updated objectives. If you do not already have a playbook for times like this, then here are seven ideas to keep the field sales force motivated and productive while they work remotely, based on your answers to the following questions: 



While the economic realities and customers are likely different for each company, one thing remains the same:  the performance of a sales organization must constantly be measured, accountable, optimized, and proactive, no matter the situation or cause. 

The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of the importance of being ready to pivot when the business environment changes. In a discipline where in-person events and face-to-face meetings were important for some customers and some parts of the sales process, sales leaders need to be prepared, forward thinking, and adjust quickly. 

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, actions and gestures are what feed the pipeline and close deals. Sales reps drive revenue, and your answers and actions to these questions above can help keep a field sales team motivated while they are not in the field.

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