Sales Motivation and SPM

Sales Motivation and SPM

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Author: Tim Bensman

Author: Tim Bensman, Solution Architect

Motivating sales reps is not always the easiest function of sales performance management  (SPM). Goals can be the best ways to motivate your team. Read these best practices to learn some sales goals best practices. 

Sales Motivation and Sales Performance Management (SPM)

What motivates sales folks…. GOALS!

Each year, sales reps are given a number to hit. This number represents success -- go above the number and you win. Go below the number and chalk it up as a loss.

The number is typically given at the beginning of the year -- lots of discussion, planning and strategy soon follow. However, what happens after? How are we tracking towards our goal? Are we winning or losing?

As sales organizations, what information are we providing to our sales folks to give them insight into their progress?

Sales performance management (SPM) is the practice of monitoring and guiding sales folks to improve their ability to sell.

Software programs are available to turbocharge the sales management process. We can put our goals directly in front of our sales reps -- whether that be in the form of widgets, Pods, Incentive statements, or in-depth analytics reports. By constantly reminding sales reps of their goals, we can be sure to motivate them to succeed.

Furthermore, we are seeing advanced sales organizations take their software to the next level. Gamification, SPIFs, and Stacked Ranking reports all contribute to further motivation. By using software to display how each rep is doing compared to their peers, they are turning sales into an all-out competition!

Finally, being able to see commissions calculated via SPM software can really drive selling behavior. Witnessing a paycheck grow in real-time when a big deal finally closes will provide the motivation to get out there and keep selling!

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