What are Managed Services for Sales?

What are Managed Services for Sales?

What are Managed Services for Sales?

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Author: Bailey McCaffrey

The relevance of managed services is increasing as the world of technology continues to grow at a rapid pace. Are you wondering what a managed service is, why you need it, or what it has to do with technology? Well, this article should shed some light on the subject.

What is a managed service anyways?
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Managed services are often performed by a managed service provider (MSP), and are the practice of outsourcing certain processes or functions intended to improve operations and/or cut expenses. A managed service often goes hand-in-hand with a software or technology solution that was implemented in hopes to streamline business procedures. In sales, this commonly is a customer relationship management (CRM), an incentive compensation management (ICM), or a configure price quote (CPQ) tool, or another software solution. 

With advancing technology and products becoming more affordable and accessible, small to large companies are supporting a larger portfolio of software systems. It is difficult for businesses to stay up-to-date with best practices and updates for the technologies they are utilizing especially when they are outside of the core competencies of the business. Managed services make it possible for businesses to get the most out of solutions by delegating support, maintenance, and operations to consultancies/MSPs, like Canidium. These firms have consultants certified in these solutions and can provide variable levels of useful knowledge and support tailored to fit customer needs. Offloading the support, maintenance, and operations of software systems outside of their core competency allows a company greater focus on their primary business

How does it work?

An MSP is often contracted to take responsibility for a defined set of services. These are commonly agreed upon prior to working with the technology. Although there are multiple pricing structures for a managed service, an ongoing flat or near-fixed monthly fee is often used, providing clients with a predictable amount of support each month managing their solution. Managed services ensure the proper care and operation of software solutions, freeing up internal personnel to focus on other important and more mission-critical or strategic tasks. 

Managed services teams are highly experienced experts who stay up-to-date on individual technologies with which they work. 

Managed services are a proactive way to save time, cut costs, and get the most out of software solutions allowing internal personnel more time to focus on planning, analysis, and analytics.

Want to learn how a managed service provider can benefit your sales process? Read our blog The benefits of an SPM Managed Services Provider. Visit www.canidium.com to learn more. Interested in managed services? Contact us by going to canidium.com/contact.


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