How SAP CPQ Integrates with Other Key Software Solutions

How SAP CPQ Integrates with Other Key Software Solutions

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Author: Bailey McCaffrey and Mirza Baig

SAP CPQ is a powerful configure price quote solution with the ability to transform your sales processes by shortening sales cycles, cutting costs, reducing mistakes, and so much more. Using CPQ technology as a stand-alone technology will make a massive difference in the way your sales team operates, however, if you truly want to get the most out of your SAP CPQ solution, there are a variety of critical integrations with other business operations tools that will boost your sales even further. 

Increase effectiveness with other customer experience (CX) solutions and connected back-office

Whether you are using SAP CPQ, are looking for new sales tools to implement, or are just starting to branch out from your previous sales solutions, knowing the full capabilities of SAP CPQ is going to benefit you as you make decisions either now or down the road. Integrations should be considered when making decisions about your sales process, so be sure you know what your solution is capable of and how it fits into the landscape of your business operations. 

The SAP CPQ Integrations Landscape 


SAP CPQ has key integrations with SAP Commerce, SAP Commissions, SAP ERP ECC/S4Hana, DocuSign and AdobeSign, SAP CLM, and SAP C4C, as well as many other technologies not listed. By integrating these systems, you will find faster and more efficient communication between your entire sales organization, more task automation, more in-depth analytics tracked, and better end-to-end sales processes. 

Here is a list of how key systems integrate with SAP CPQ:
SAP Commerce 

Commerce users can create an order online or can request a quote. Sales rep prepares quotes in CPQ with discounts and can submit quotes back to Commerce.

SAP Commissions 

The sales reps can forecast potential income on deals they're working on. The payout can be made on a flexible schedule once deals are closed.


Once a customer's order is created by C4C, CPQ, or Commerce, it is processed by the order management, fulfillment and billing teams. CPQ can leverage master data, configuration rules, and pricing from SAP ERP.


When the customer is ready to order, the proposal document can be electronically signed by using DocuSign or AdobeSign.


Sales rep qualifies a lead, performs tasks, creates an account, works on the opportunity, provides simple quotes for non-configurable products or services. Complex quote type launches CPQ within C4C.

By integrating these systems, whether that is to SAP CPQ or another technology, you can cut out numerous, tedious, middle-steps. This, ultimately, will save you time and will reduce the amount of human error that can happen within the sales cycle. 

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