Getting to Know Canidium: Liz Narmour

Getting to Know Canidium: Liz Narmour

Getting to Know Canidium: Liz Narmour

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Author: Canidium News

Liz Narmour is a Senior Consultant in the SAP Commissions Practice. Liz has worked at Canidium in the Fort Collins office since 2017 and her expertise in SAP Commissions has been an asset to Canidium since she started!
IMG_1166Where did you go to college/what was your major?

I went to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. I majored in Math with a minor in Statistics.


What is your position at Canidium?

I'm a Consultant in the SAP Commissions practice. I typically work with Data Integration on client projects.

What strategies do you implement to achieve team success?IMG_1806

I try to be as organized and communicative as possible with clients and internal teams. Communicating any potential challenges as early as possible helps to keep problems from spiraling out of control. I also really like to work collaboratively with the other members of my team. Chances are, if I'm stuck on a problem, someone else on my team will be able to help me solve it.

Can you tell us about your on-site client experience?

I've had really positive on-site experiences so far. I've been able to travel to some really cool cities and have worked with a lot of smart and motivated clients! For me, the hardest part about being on site is sitting still all day (sometimes in the same conference room for 8 hours!), but we always have fun going out to dinner as a team and exploring the city we're in.

How would you describe Canidium’s culture? 

Canidium has a very collaborative and supportive culture. Whenever I run into problems, there are tons of coworkers I can reach out to who are happy to jump in and help. Canidium also emphasizes work-life balance and it's clear how much the leadership team values us as employees.

What do you think it takes to become a successful consultant?

I think one of the big skills that a successful consultant needs is good time management. We often have competing priorities and deadlines, and the ability to balance those and determine what works at a given time is important. Being able to communicate with your team and project manager about those priorities is big as well! Consultants need to be technically savvy but I think being personable and able to work well in a team is just as important.


If you could pick up a certain skill instantly, what would it be?

I'd love to have a better intuition for cooking and baking (knowing what flavors go well together, etc.). Right now all I can really do is follow recipes.

What is your favorite hobby?

I really love exercise of any type. I spend a lot of my time playing and coaching ultimate frisbee but love running when I'm not playing ultimate.


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