Get to Know Canidium: Hannah Roy

Get to Know Canidium: Hannah Roy

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Author: Canidium News

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Hannah Roy is a Senior Analyst who has been with Canidium for over 2 years.  She started in 2016 as an Operations Intern in our Fort Collins office, and later accepted a full-time position as an Analyst after graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Math in 2017.  Read below to meet Hannah and hear what she has to say about life at Canidium.

What made you interested in applying to Canidium?

“There are not a lot of specific things to apply for when you’re a math student, so I looked for anything I thought was applicable.”  Hannah initially found the internship opportunity on CSU’s career platform, Handshake. Canidium’s youthful atmosphere and drive for continuous growth and improvement was what drew her to not only apply for the internship but to continue working here as an Analyst after graduation. She has since been promoted to the position of Senior Analyst.

What was your experience as an intern?

Operation Interns primarily work on internal processes projects such as creating utilization and financial reports. Canidium Interns get a lot of hands-on experience and creative freedom. Most of the time, an idea for an internal improvement (like a new process or report, for example) is handed to an intern as a project. From there, it’s pretty much “here’s what we're looking to do, okay go!  Figure out how to do it and how to achieve the desired result(s),” says Hannah. Canidium gives its interns important responsibilities and ensures that they get the chance to do meaningful work.

What skills do you use as a Senior Analyst?

Much like the analyst position, senior analysts still focus a great deal on learning and honing
their technical skills. However, with the higher position comes a larger emphasis on directly
contributing to projects, especially in client-facing ways. “Logical/critical thinking and
communication are skills I use every day.” Hannah is adept at problem-solving for clients,
supporting co-workers through their learning process, and adjusting her communication style for her audience. As she puts it, “communication is a learned skill. You don’t communicate with your client the same way you communicate with your team members, and it’s important to learn those differences.”

As for more technical skills, Hannah stressed that while some familiarity with coding--particularly object-oriented programming--is helpful, Canidium’s culture of learning and developing new abilities according to project needs ensures that every employee gains the necessary skills to excel in their position.

What are a few of your favorite things about Canidium?

“Canidium gives you a lot of power to do things. You’re given the chance to own aspects of
projects at a very early stage, even while new to the company. ” While many other organizations may not give new employees the opportunity to contribute in critical ways, Canidium prefers to allow employees to jump right in. Hannah was given significant responsibilities and the chance to learn while working on a project virtually right from the start. However, she noted that project managers and consultants certainly don’t expect newer employees to be able to perform 100% of their job duties immediately. Rather, they focus on giving people the resources to bridge the gaps in their knowledge and experience, as well as providing them with mentorship opportunities. Canidium as a whole offers a very supportive and comfortable environment with an open culture where collaboration is emphasized: “Everyone is willing to talk to you about whatever you want
or need to talk about. People are happy to answer questions and happy to help.”

Hannah Roy picAt Canidium, each person is viewed as a unique individual rather than just an employee. We asked Hannah some fun questions to learn more about her hobbies outside of work.

What did you want to be when you grew up? “A marine biologist. I didn’t really
know what that meant growing up in Colorado, but I just wanted to be by the ocean.”

What's your favorite animal and why?

"Elephants! They're so cool!" A few years ago, Hannah had the chance to visit an elephant refuge in South Africa where she was able to feed the elephants and "do a bunch of crazy fun stuff with them." Hannah loved that the elephants were slightly wild, but still needed human interaction as emotional pack animals. She greatly enjoyed watching them roam free.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Locally, Hannah loves to visit the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys hiking and being out in nature.
More remotely, she loves to visit Cozumel, Mexico. “It’s a good spot to scuba dive, there’s good food, and it’s relaxing. It makes a nice break in the middle of winter.”

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