Frequently Asked Questions About SAP Commissions

Frequently Asked Questions About SAP Commissions

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Author: Caitlin Randall

Canidium is a leading Sales Performance Management (SPM) consultancy, and our expert consultants have been helping new customers implement SAP Commissions (formerly CallidusCloud) for over 12 years. Throughout this experience, we have heard multiple clients express similar concerns when switching to a new solution. We have compiled a list of five frequently asked questions from clients beginning their SAP Commissions implementation journey: 

1. My Admin is used to working in Excel. How easy is it for them to learn to use SAP Commissions?

As with anything new, there’s a learning curve, but Canidium supports our clients every step of the way to ensure they understand their SAP Commissions system by providing training, knowledge transfers, and ultimately a customer-specific Operations Guide near completion of the implementation. This includes instructions on managing and operating the system and any company-specific customizations that Canidium has implemented.  

2. What is involved in maintaining the system?

Maintaining the system depends on how much automation was requested or other configuration requests. Compensation plan rules don’t need to be modified unless a specific change to the way calculations are performed is required. For clients that use growth percentages and prior year sales to calculate quotas, for example, percentages are typically updated once a year. Canidium can also supply Managed Services for year-over-year plan changes or any complex modification to the system that a customer may require.

3. How can dashboards be configured to my needs and preferences?

Dashboards are very customizable. Canidium can help configure the compensation system and we’ll take into account the dashboard design requested so that rules for specific measurements, KPIs, or commissions are displayed appropriately. 

4. How does SAP Commissions decrease human error? 

SAP Commissions decreases the chance of errors with rules and automation. Using Excel, there’s a “measure twice, cut once” approach where you must keep testing as you build to ensure formulas don’t break. In SAP Commissions, once the system is configured, it’s thoroughly tested by the users. Usually comp admins lead the charge on testing. Then calculations will continue operating as intended. Data automation and validation also assist in removing human error, and SAP Commissions logs changes to the system as they are made so they can be tracked and resolved before an incorrect payment is processed. 

5. Is there a way to track the usage of SAP Commissions?

Yes, a log of everyone who accesses the system with the date and time is generated and maintained. When the user is logged out of the system, the system log will specify if the logout was user initiated, or if an automatic logout due to inactivity occurred. 

Canidium for SAP Commissions will save your Sales Operations team time and energy, allowing them to focus on selling. Canidium for SAP Commissions will also improve the Sales Rep’s experience by providing insights into their compensation and reducing time-wasting and morale-damaging compensation errors.

If you have additional questions about SAP Commissions or any uncertainty about how SAP Commissions will benefit your organization, you can learn more about the benefits by reading Why Can’t I Just Use Excel? Or reach out to our dedicated SAP Commissions practice by clicking the button below.

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