Exporting Incent Data Via Xactly Connect

Exporting Incent Data Via Xactly Connect

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Author: Tim Bensman

Do your organizational processes require you to manually download information out of Incent?

If so, consider leveraging Xactly Connect to automatically pull information from Incent in a predetermined layout!

Watch this video to see how Xactly Connect can pull information directly from Incent. 


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Case Study

An organization calculates pay for its Partner organizations within Incent, but exports their pay statements manually each month. This requires an admin to click a download link for each of their numerous partners. This represents a significant amount of time performing low-level tasks.


Canidium was able to write a process within Connect that will manually export the required pay information in a predetermined layout. When the process runs, it will export the information and drop the necessary files on a FTP site. 


Significant reduction in the time spent manually downloading information in Incent each month.

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