CPQ Users: Release 2208 has Docusign Authorization Impact

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Author: Canidium News

CPQ 2208 was released on August 20, 2022, and here is a list of how these updates will affect Docusign, new items of both Business and Technical interest, and future releases.  Click here for a full description of this release.

Breaking Changes:

  • Docusign is updating its security/authentication protocols; thus, we need to update the credentials inside CPQ for the integration to continue functioning.
  • Multiple CPQ endpoints have had security enhanced (added CSRF token). This can break existing functionality for those endpoints. The key ones are Quote and Custom Script API endpoints.

Business Interest:

  • Many small improvements in Quote 2.0 to provide feature parity to Quote 1.0
  • Parallel work on the same quote is now supported for Quote 2.0.
  • The documents tab now displays a new column called "Template Name", so users know how each document was generated.
  • The quote revisions page quote has been redesigned to match the rest of the user interface.

Technical Interest:

  • New APIs have been exposed for Workflow, Statuses, Notifications, Countries, States, Margin Health, and Quote Documents. These are great tools to have!
  • The Deploy/Send Changes functionality can no longer be used for any products in environments integrated with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing
  • JWT Profiles have been added to improve the security of API authentication.

Future Releases - Feb 2023:

  • The Customers feature will be obsolete and replaced by the Business Partners feature in existing Quote 2.0 tenants.
  • Custom Table API endpoint name will change due to pagination changes. This can be a breaking change.