Make sure your Managed Services Provider (MSP) checks off these boxes

Make sure your Managed Services Provider (MSP) checks off these boxes

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Author: Rick Roberts

Much like choosing the wrong sales performance management (SPM) or process management (CPQ) software, choosing the wrong SPM MSP can do more harm than good to your sales operations. For starters, MSP personnel that are slow ramping or lack expertise can cost you the time you hired them to save. Even worse, they can hurt your relationship with your sales team; creating mistrust and a lack of motivation which in the end can cost you revenue. 

When evaluating an
MSP, make sure to ask yourself these questions

Asset 6@3xDo they have a Dedicated Practice to your SPM software, staffed with experts?

At a cocktail party, it may be good to know a little about a lot, but when it comes to sales operations, you need your MSP so know a lot about every little thing regarding your SPM solution. SPM softwares are constantly adding new features, and if your MSP doesn’t stay-up-to-date and understand the ins and outs, then they won’t be able to provide you the greatest ROI. Be sure that your MSP has a practice (potentially even with sub-practices) dedicated to your solution, and that their team remains 100% certified. 

A whole team, at the cost of only one or two full-timers

It goes without saying; you need to get the most out of every dollar you spend and justify it to your CFO, CSO, or whoever holds the purse strings. One of the main benefits of utilizing an MSP is to create the same effect as scaling your operations internally at a competitive  price but with more stability and access to experts.  

Do they have proof of excellence within the software?

Every SPM and process management MSP will say they’re the best, so how can true excellence be ascertained? One of the easiest ways to confirm expertise is to ask the software vendor about the MSP’s reputation. Potential questions to ask of and about the MSP you are considering: 

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  • How long has the MSP been working the the SPM/CPQ technology in question?
  • How many project engagements do they have under their belt utilizing the relevant technology?
  • Are they a leader when it comes to the number of successful implementations? 
  • How does the number of escalations (having to turn to the vendor for help) compare to their peers? 
  • What percentage of their implementations turn into repeat business and referenceable customers? 

At the end of the day, an MSP’s job is to make yours much easier, and allow you to focus on your and your company’s core competencies. Before signing with an MSP, make sure they check-off the boxes above!

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