5 Ways SAP® CPQ Can Grow Your Business

5 Ways SAP® CPQ Can Grow Your Business

5 Ways SAP® CPQ Can Grow Your Business

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Author: Dan Bragdon and Amy Goldberg

By Dan Bragdon and Amy Goldberg

Canidium is the leading sales performance, incentive compensation, and sales process optimization consultancy. As a leading SAP partner, Canidium has expertise with SAP’s CX Sales Cloud, as well as a pre-existing relationship with CallidusCloud. CPQ is an integral part of Canidium’s service portfolio. Through strategic, technical, and managed services, Canidium helps their clients achieve greater ROI through their solutions.

SAP CX Sales Cloud can help optimize your sales process through their Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) feature. Simplify complex configurations, apply intricate pricing rules, improve systems compatibility and integration, generate client documents, and more. Keep reading to learn how this can positively impact your business.


1. CPQ Simplifies Complex Product Configurations

CPQ limits human error and generates quotes quickly and accurately by aggregating all necessary information for a correct product configuration behind the scenes. Product compatibility is built into the system during set-up, so your Sales Reps and customers always know exactly which attributes and add-ons are available for each product without having to consult your engineering team. This alleviates a step in the sales process while removing frustration on the part of the user.

CPQ Timeline

2. CPQ Applies Intricate Pricing Rules

Pricing rules and promotions are applied to products in real time allowing the user to see all pricing information to make their purchase decisions while alleviating time-consuming approval processes. Promotions can include start and end dates so the correct promotion is always being shown to the customer. Those same start and end dates can be applied to products to limit their availability while showing users which products replace obsolete ones.  

When finalizing the quote, a Sales Rep can use the margin health to ensure that the deal is the best for both your company and your client. Currency conversions and tax calculations can also be automatically applied without having to integrate with another system.  

3. CPQ Improves System Compatibility and Integration

An efficient sales process has all of its systems integrated so customers and Sales Reps can seamlessly move from one system to the other to complete a quote or order. SAP CPQ has a lot of built-in integrations including SAP C4C and S/4, CLM, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Thunderbridge Analytics, and CallidusCloud Enablement.  

SAP is consistently updating the available providers to allow more built-in connections to your software to streamline your business. Even without an out of the box API, CPQ can connect to any software that utilizes web services via custom scripting so your Sales Reps can create more quotes in less time.

4. CPQ Automatically Generates Individualized Documents to send to Clients

In the same way you have a sales process that’s different from the next company, your customers have different purchasing or procurement processes which require flexibility from your side. CPQ outputs a document that can be emailed to the customer, sent to them via DocuSign, uploaded into CLM, or printed for their review and signature. The document you send to your client can be a proposal, quote, MSA, SOW, list of terms and conditions, product spec sheet, etc.

With CPQ, you have the ability to choose the right template for your customer and customize the sections to be included. You can even download sections, update information in it or add photos, then upload it back into CPQ for a very personalized look and feel that provides all of the information your customer is looking for.

5. CPQ Is Customizable

While CPQ’s out of the box functionality will get you most, if not all, of the way to your new sales process vision, it’s also customizable. From updating the page layouts to match your website and include your branding, to tweaking the workflow to contain new quote statuses and steps, CPQ can meet the needs of your business. With options for custom fields and scripts, you can add calculations to the Catalog or Shopping Cart that your sales team would normally have to look up elsewhere.  

If you’re still wondering whether CPQ can improve your sales process by increasing efficiency and allowing users to quote faster, give us a call. Canidium would like to speak with you about how CPQ can grow your business and streamline CPQ processes. For more information about our work with CPQ, visit, https://canidium.com/sapcpq/.




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