5 Problems That Were Solved by SAP Commissions

5 Problems That Were Solved by SAP Commissions

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Author: Caitlin Randall

If you work in the field of sales operations, you either have a growing team and need to set yourself up for future success, or, your team is at a standstill and you need to figure out why. No matter what track your sales team is currently on, you probably have areas within your operations that you’re wanting to improve. This blog will highlight a few problem areas that companies have experienced, and why SAP Commissions was the best solution for them. 

Watch a short video about how SAP Commissions can solve problems in your sales organization. 
Have you outgrown excel? Do you need greater accuracy in payments? Do you require extraordinary visibility into performance metrics that will motivate your sales reps? Do you want a user-friendly tool that you can easily maintain from year to year? Do you want a system that prevents errors before they occur?

Many companies are seeking a sales performance management (SPM) solution that can provide detailed reports to motivate sales reps, isn’t overly cluttered, provides a highly customizable user view, and provides for unique payout schedules and calendar years. They have found the solution to these scenarios and more in SAP Commissions. Here are five reasons why SAP Commissions was the right commissions system for them, and why SAP Commissions is the right choice for your company:

Five examples proving SAP Commissions was the right choice for these companies
“My company is currently quite small, but we plan on doubling in size over the next few years”

SAP Commissions is an excellent choice for your SPM solution because it is exceedingly scalable. The software can accommodate the needs of large corporations as well as small companies. For global corporations, divisions can be built into SAP Commissions providing additional security. SAP Commissions provides for versatility in payout schedule and unique calendar years. If your sales year runs from February to January instead of the calendar year, SAP Commissions can be configured to calculate with custom quarters. And yes, SAP Commissions supports multiple currencies. 

“I need a simple, clean, versatile system”

A key attribute of SAP Commissions is its versatility and flexibility. For companies that have many sales reps being paid similarly but not identically, variables can be employed to build plans that are reusable, preventing near copies of plans and an unnecessarily crowded and unorganized system. Values for these variables can be assigned to the whole plan, to a title, or to an individual payee, allowing for interchangeability within a single calculation so that the calculation fits the need of each payee in the organization. Additionally, SAP Commissions can be configured with reusable plan components to further organize the build and allow for a clean system.

SAP Commissions provides options for a variety of payment calculation options to suit every company’s needs. For instance, SAP Commissions can facilitate calculations using flat rate or stepped rate aggregate incentives and flat or stepped rate commissions. These are just a few examples of the adaptability of SAP Commissions, but this multifaceted tool can handle any compensation calculation provided there is consistent logic and data to support it. Using best practices, Canidium consultants leverage SAP Commissions’ versatility to advise our customers on the optimal set-up for complex calculations in their SAP Commissions implementation.


“I need a way to give my sales reps clear insight into their performance”

The Dashboards tool in SAP Commissions allows for detailed and summary views of data to be displayed to users and payees. It provides more ways to display data, more choices about what data can be displayed, and more ways to manipulate data than other systems, so payees have full visibility into their performance and goal achievement. Dashboards offer a variety of dynamic graphics including pie charts, bar graphs, and tables. SAP commissions even enables custom branding, which allows you to change the color scheme used to match your corporate logo and branding guidelines!

Dashboards in SAP Commissions are highly customizable, and multiple dashboards can be configured for each subset of payee depending on the level of detail and insight desired. SAP Commissions even has a mobile app to display dashboards for to-date data on the go! Additionally, dashboards in SAP Commissions are automatically updated with the most current data every time calculations are run, so there’s no additional process required to inform payees about their current performance. SAP Commissions dashboards provide a detailed, robust, flexible view into sales performance.

“I don’t want to have some fancy system that I don’t understand and can’t use”

SAP Commissions is user friendly and maintainable. It features built-in data models allowing a user to tweak the system without starting from scratch. SAP Commissions' flexible framework allows the user to easily effective date elements like compensation plans, territories, or products. 

Canidium supports our clients every step of the way to ensure they understand their SAP Commissions system and how it operates. Throughout the implementation process, Canidium provides knowledge transfers and training so that our clients can successfully navigate and test their system. Canidium provides an Operations Guide near the end of the implementation including instructions on managing and operating the system, adding users, running calculations, and all company-specific information. Canidium can also supply Managed Services for year over year plan changes or any other complex modifications to the system that a customer may require.

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“My company needs to streamline the dispute process”

Managing disputes is one of the hardest and most tedious parts of a compensation administrator’s job. SAP Commissions streamlines the dispute process. Instead of receiving a barrage of emails from twenty or thirty unhappy sales representatives at the end of the month and then trying to keep track of the emails and supporting documents while communicating with sales reps and managers, compensation admins using SAP Commissions have a “one stop shop” for managing disputes. Payees can initiate a dispute using a self-guided and intuitive process, attaching supporting documentation for the approvers to review. Keeping all the information in one place makes disputes far easier to track, produces quicker response times, and ensures more accurate payment adjustments. 

Not only will SAP Commissions reduce the tedious and time-consuming process of dispute resolution, it will also reduce the number of disputes by catching and preventing mistakes before they even occur. SAP Commissions produces more accurate incentive compensation and variable pay by decreasing human error associated with calculations.

SAP Commissions is a versatile tool which will grow with your company, motivate your sales reps through detailed and insightful up-to-date data about their performance, accurately calculate incentive-based pay, and reduce costly errors. At Canidium, our experienced consultants are here to help you achieve the most from your SAP Commissions system. Want to learn more about what SAP Commissions can do for your company? Go to https://canidium.com/contact/ or click the button below, and one of our experts will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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